Weight Loss Continues!!

Weight loss continues in the Terry Anderson Personal Training camp!

Firstly a big well done to Sophie who has just lost her first stone as a client of mine and more importantly 4% body fat! although this has been done over a couple of months, Sophie is producing consistent and remarkable results week after week with weight loss occurring at regular and consistent intervals. She works very hard and as a result reaps the rewards for that!

Part of my philosophy for weight loss is to make it a lifestyle change until a point at which you are happy, at which time maintenance is the key. Therefore, this means a consistent and progressive decline in weight, and more importantly body fat is better than the ‘quick fix’ that some people are after. However, a quick fix can be achieved with some of the packages found in my SERVICES page. Sophie will undoubtedly get great results due to her outlook on exercise and willingness to work hard, so a big well done to her and I look forward to more of the same there.

Whatever type of weight loss you are looking for, there are options and techniques out there, personally tthe longer term weight loss is where i feel the best results are achieved as it gives the body chance to gradully build lean mass and tone to a greater extent than the ‘quick fix’ methods. Nevertheless, I can achieve results in all areas of weight loss, toning and body composition adaptation, so please feel free to contact me to get started on your transformation!!

Thanks again!




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