Taking Action

Taking Action


So this week was my first seminar in Reasons Fitness in Andover. It was based around the topic of 'What is the best diet for you?'

For me this was a big step forward in my own personal journey of nutrition coaching and it allowed me to deliver coaching in a format that i haven't done before. I often spend time teaching and helping people learn about nutrition and fitness protocols on a one-to-one basis, but less often in a group format. The direction that I personally want to take with Coach Anderson is to reach more of the masses and help people learn and understand about health and fitness on a larger scale. For me that meant writing and adapting my teachings to apply more to a group setting.

More importantly it means that I had to TAKE ACTION!

What this meant for me is stepping out of my comfort zone and getting in front of a group of people and talking for 90mins and hoping they learned a lot from me in doing so. Public speaking isn't currently one of my favourite things to do because I'm not the most confident at it. However, like anything, the more you do it the easier it becomes, so i booked a date in the diary and got it underway.

The seminar went great and I was really happy with the result. There are definitely things to work on but when it came to it, there was a lot less to worry about that I made out. What this emphasised to me was something that I actually taught as part of the seminar, which was all about TAKING ACTION.

How does this help?

Without having made the plunge and gone ahead with the action in the first place, I wouldn't have done the seminar and I wouldn't have moved my business forward. I also wouldn't have realised it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and therefore I'd still be where I was a few weeks ago.

Just like I teach in the seminar and from what I've personally learnt by TAKING ACTION myself, I can honestly say that moving just one step forward in your journey can be a game changer in terms of the whole process.

Even if its something small and seemingly not important, get out there in your health and fitness journey and TAKE ACTION! This can be anything that for you personally moves your health and fitness forward. For an example of what some of these actions might be, check out my 5 tips for back to school mums and dads post. A 5 minute action in the right direction is all it takes, getting yourself a little bit out of that comfortable zone and into the uncomfortable is where all the magic happens.

You know where you want to be at the end of the journey, just map out what that next critical step is, get out there and do it. The best plan in the world is useless unless you TAKE ACTION!

- Coach Anderson


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