Successful Weight Loss Nutrition.


As my knowledge and understanding of weight loss nutrition deepens i have become increasingly aware of a few key factors to ‘dieting’ that really clouds everyone’s reality to what they are doing when embarking on a nutrition plan…This blog will endeavour to help you understand the reality and simplicity of most diets out there and how there really is no better alternative to a balanced and nutritious diet for us all.

Firstly the simplest way of understanding food in terms “weight loss nutrition” and “weight gain nutrition” is this; if the calories in are more than the calories out, weight gain will occur; if the calories out are more than the calories in then weight loss will occur. Now this is also a little grey as the calories you want to put in should be quality and nutritious, but this is another blog post! Understanding this is the key to realising that most diets pull on this fact and manipulate it to make it easier for you to lose weight. However, i hear you ask the question, “but why do some say not to eat carbs and others fat” and so on…

Well in reality regardless of what they are telling you to cut out, you’re ultimately eating less than what you were before. Therefore calories in have dropped, most of the time to less than the calories out, resulting in a weight loss. Some diets may even say you can increase other types of food to counter act what you’re not eating by reducing carbs/fat or whatever nutrient it may be. The thing with that is the food type you’ll be able to increase on will be a low calorie dense food type i.e. you can eat a lot without putting loads of calories into the body compared to most fats or starchy carbs which are calorie dense foods.

This all makes sense and doesn’t seem to be a problem, however your body requires a certain amount of all food types therefore by embarking on a typical ‘diet’ you will be neglecting your body of something it needs and yes that includes fat!! When you neglect a certain food type you will be causing some sort of deficiency in the body, this in turn may slow down bodily functions such as brain function, hormonal function, reproductive functioning etc. Therefore you aren’t fully healthy! Not only that but it will slow down metabolic function, this is the key to why these diets do not work long term. You may lose weight initially but because your body’s processes have slowed you’ll gain weight again rapidly afterwards.

This poses the question “how do I stop that happening?”….well its simple, don’t neglect your body’s requirements! Seek to eat a balanced and nutritious plan which you can not only live from long term but that gives your body what it needs on a daily basis. The tricky part is controlling portion size and quantities of the food types you require. If this is achieved then you can keep the calories in to a low enough, but healthy enough amount to lose weight without starving any function in the body. This will ultimately achieve exactly what all the other diets do – a smaller calorie input, but it will be done in a way that you can maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. This can get you better results long term than you could ever imagine!! Therefore, think twice before hitting a “yo-yo diet” and seek professional help on what the best weight loss nutrition plan for you is!

I hope this helps and i look forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject….

Speak soon, Terry


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