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Today's blog post is all about priorities when it comes to your health and fitness. Obviously when you are embarking on a health and fitness journey you need to make health and fitness a priority right?...

Well, you'd be surprised at exactly how often people are willing to embark on a journey or continue on one, without making the necessary changes to their priorities.

We call this 'mowing the lawn while the house is on fire'....

What this shows is that the guy in the picture above has his priorities all wrong. You wouldn't mow the lawn while there is something disastrous about to happen to your house, it doesn't make sense; he needs to realign his priorities.

Its not realistic to think that your exercise regime and nutritional protocols must be the number one thing to come before anything else, but they do need to be up there.

So how do you make things a priority?

  • Work out first of all what you value in life, what are the attributes that make you up as a person?
  • Do this and you'll be able to understand how to prioritise the things that you value.
  • For example, I value a bit of graft and hard work. Therefore, would be more likely to learn an exercise by getting involved and trying it, getting my hands dirty, compared to reading a book about it.
  • You may value your time with your children. Therefore if you can get them involved in prepping healthy meals together you're more likely to make that a priority for you.

As you can see, you need to make exercise and nutrition a priority if you're looking to change your body and mind, but it will only happen if you value the reason why you're doing them.

You may prefer to play a team sport because you value the team spirit.  On a Sunday you may like to cook a big family meal or simply  you might prefer to just 'go play' (check out my blog post on this if thats you). Either way, you need to do what you value and then apply that to your health and fitness.

Only when you do this will your priorities suddenly change and your nutrition protocols and exercise regimes will follow.

I hope this helps you and if you'd like some help on how to prioritise better for you, contact me and I will help you.

Have a great week!

- Coach Anderson



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