Nutrition encompasses many caveats such as, weight loss, performance, general health improvement, or more specific needs such as, IBS, diabetes management, hormonal health, menopause, disordered eating and many more. As you can see, nutrition coaching is massively varied and therefore, in order to get the most from a nutritionist, a personal consultation is recommended before embarking on what you think is the best option for you. However, below is a guide to what services are available.

1. Nutritional Assessment and plan (Live/Online)

Designed for a more short term approach and with a view to getting some of the main principles in place towards your goal. This acts as a great kickstart to healthy nutrition going forward and can reap some great results in the short term.

2. One-to-one Nutrition coaching ( Live/Online)

For those that may feel better with a regular check in. This will provide a nutritional plan, designed for you, but with the accountability added in that a one off assessment cant give. This allows the plan to be adapted and developed over time to suit your changing needs.

3. Nutritional Seminars (Live)

Designed for many different needs including; companies looking to promote healthy lifestyles in the working environment; Sporting/Fitness set ups looking to provide help for members; groups or clubs that may need specific nutritional help.

4. Group courses (Live)

Designed for helping a smaller group of people develop the learning and skills needed to transform their habits and eating patterns for the better. This can be with many different goals in mind for the focus of the course. These services are just a guide and the best way to get started on the nutritional service that is right for you, is to get in touch for your FREE consultation.


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