Motivation Reboot

Motivation Reboot

Hey guys!

This weeks blog post is all about motivation and making sure the goal stays the goal. As we head in to March you'll soon realise that we are 1/6 of the way through the year. Have you achieved what you wanted so far in 2018?

Many people join the new years resolution train and start the gym or start eating healthily. Are you still doing those things though? If not, ask yourself why?

Is it that what you started was far too hard or unrealistic to sustain?

Did you get results to start with but now they're starting to plateau?

Has the friend you started it with stopped and now your motivation to hit the gym or eat healthy at work has gone?

Whatever your answer, don't worry, you're not alone!


So how do you get your motivation back?

Firstly you need to understand why you started in the first place. Ask yourself why you wanted to reach that goal and then ask yourself again. For example you may want to lose weight because of your holiday in May. This is a good reason, but you then need to ask why do you want to lose weight for your holiday in May?

What is that deeper lever reason? Perhaps you're going with a friend that has been getting great results and you don't want to feel body conscious next to them? Perhaps, its that your partner broke it off with you and your holiday is the start of a new chapter?

Whatever the reason, thats the reason you need to keep going! Your motivation lies where values lie. If you value time with your friend both feeling amazing you're more likely to keep going. If you value being in a relationship and its a priority of yours to find someone new then you're more likely to keep going.

Values shape priorities and motivation.

When you value something you will make it a priority. Fact.

Think of anything that you truly value doing and you will happen to make time for it without realising. It also won't feel like a chore. This is the same for the motivation needed to continue getting results in your health and fitness.

You may not naturally enjoy the process just for what it is, but you can enjoy it because you value the outcome it provides.

Enjoying the process is key to sustained and long term results. Therefore finding your reason for keeping going really helps just that.

So you know why, but what do you do next?

Here are my tips for what to do in order to keep that motivation right in front of your eyes...

  • Write down your real reason for why you started in the first place
  • Keep this note in your pocket, wallet, purse or on your desk so you can see it every day.
  • Speak this statement out loud to yourself. Do it in the mirror or wherever you feel comfortable. This may feel strange, but it really helps to affirm the meaning.
  • Next plan what you with do this month to help that goal.
  • Next plan what you with do this week to help that goal.
  • Next plan what you with do today to help that goal.
  • Repeat this step next month!


This is just a brief insight in to why motivation may have faded. I hope you also get a snapshot as to how to get it fired back up. Of course its easier said than done but if you're stuck or want more of a helping hand, then reach out. Contact me and I'd love to help you reach some new motivation for your goals.


Have a great week!

Coach Anderson


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