Importance of FAILURE and the PUMP in training

FAILURE Is The New Success!!

Now i know this may seem a little confusing when you first read this statement, but FAILURE has massive importance in training. What I mean by this is that in order for muscles to grow,develop or change in shape and size they must be worked and forced to make that change. This in principle terms is OVERLOAD which means to take the muscles beyond where they have been before. This may seem like a sensible statement to make but too often people train in the’comfort zone’ with the same weight, reps and sets as always. This means that the muscles never have to adapt to new stimulation and therefore will be very reluctant to change. This is where Failure comes in….

FAILURE is taking the muscle/muscle group to a point where it physically cant lift the weight or do another rep. This has a large significance in muscle adaptations and is what forces the muscle to change. This also has a lot of links to creating a ‘PUMP‘ in the muscles, a technique used a lot in bodybuilding. By creating a PUMP in the muscles or taking them to failure you drive a lot of blood to the working muscles, this blood takes with it a lot of oxygen and nutrients that the muscle needs to grown. Without getting to technical it take the muscles what it needs and takes away all the toxins it doesn’t need therefore creating an environment perfect for adaptations to occur. other benefits by creating the PUMP is stretching the fascia between the skin and the muscle allowing the muscle more room to grow, where normally it wouldn’t have the space.

Although FAILURE and the PUMP are different things they can also be achieved at the same time; this often means going to a higher rep range than you’d normally use and lighter weights. With significant time for growth and adaptation if repeated failure is achieved in the muscle you can see great gains in strength and muscle hypertrophy (size).

My tip for achieving both FAILURE and the PUMP is using a drop set at the end of your working sets. even if using a low rep range, on the final set drop the weight by 50% and go for as many reps as possible until failure. This is great at taking the muscles beyond their normal range and also achieves a great PUMP before moving on!

Thanks again for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts or questions on this!



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