Good Stress, Bad Stress

 Good Stress, Bad Stress.

We all experience stress regularly, more-so than you'd think and perhaps in ways you wouldn't realise. I am writing this post as I return from a holiday skiing, where I experienced a lot of good stress combatting the bad stress that modern life may bring.

Stress is a major player in overall health and there are many things you can do to find your stress sweet-spot and perform at your best. There are different types of stress which you can find below:

What is Good Stress (Eustress)?

This type tends to have the following elements to it...

  • Short-lived
  • Infrequent
  • Inspires you in to action
  • Pushes you out of your comfort zone
  • leaves you feeling better than before

What is Bad Stress?

This type tends to have the following elements to it...

  • Chronic
  • leaves you feeling worse than before
  • Can lead to depression, anxiety and low self confidence
  • Can lower your immune system
  • Demotivating

We all will have a stress sweet spot that will be just enough to push us and build us up, but not to drain us an leave us broken down. Experiencing this regularly can help your overall feelings of wellbeing. How do you reach your sweet spot?


Stress Sweet Spot.

This will differ for all of us and finding your sweet spot can be a pretty invigorating thing. It will be enough to get you pumped but won't last too long. It will inspire you and keep you pushing for more, but won't drain your energy. It will leave you feeling better than before. It is the perfect example of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

So How Do I Find This?

Well you might have to try a little discomfort and monitor how you feel. For me this was trying skiing for the first time. It scared me, it pushed me, but it invigorated me. At the end of the holiday i was left feeling excited and wanted to do more, but also relieved I hadn't broken my legs! As a 30 year old with a career in health and fitness I admit i was anxious trying skiing for the first time. However, I soon realised after being in mountains gliding and carving my way down that i couldn't have been happier at that time. This for me was my sweet spot.

Your sweet spot will vary depending on some of the following elements...

  • Your age
  • Your life experience
  • Your natural personality type (calm and collected?/adrenaline junkie?)
  • Your level of coping strategies
  • Your allostatic load (what other stressors you have currently in life)

Whatever your experience, age, coping style etc. you will have a sweet spot and I encourage you to find it. Try something new, do a little more, say hello to someone new, take the next action step towards your goal....

Let me know if you find your sweet spot and what it looks like to you.

- Coach Anderson




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