Go Play!

Hey guys, I hope you’re all enjoying the summer so far!

Today’s blog post is about getting out and enjoying yourself like you used to as a child. Whilst I was out having a walk with my dog and girlfriend today we sat down in the local park and found loads of apparatus to mess around on.

In fact some of which was specifically designed for exercising on and even had demonstration boards to show you what to do. Regardless of whether it was specific equipment or not, there was lots to do and it was plenty robust enough for adults.

It didn’t take us long before we were running around with the dog, hanging, holding and pulling ourselves over bars and ropes.

It was great fun and it was pretty hard work too. It got me thinking of times when I was a child when I’d literally do that for hours on end and never had to worry about what mum was giving me for dinner as weight wasn’t an issue, perhaps down to all this messing around.

It makes sense that simply playing ball in the park, or bulldog or hide and seek will get your steps up, get you moving and get you burning calories.

As adults we do this far less, understandably because life takes over, but nobody ever said stop playing tag, or stuck in the mud, or “you’re 20 years old now so jumping is forbidden!” In fact when you say it like that it almost seems stupid that we don’t keep doing it.

You’ll burn tons of calories just getting outside and doing whatever you feel like that requires a bit of a burst of energy. Don’t worry about sets/reps just do what makes you feel good and perhaps challenges your current stigma of what adults should and shouldn’t do.

Its fantastic for the mind too, it takes you from thinking bout all the worries of the 9-5 high speed lifestyle we all live now, and brings you in to the present by just focussing on what you’re enjoying at that given time. I know full well that I’ll be doing this more often and perhaps I’ll see some of you guys there too!

At the end of the day, Sometimes it’s nice to go back to being a kid and ‘play’ in the the park, hanging, jumping and running, its all great fun and its all fantastic for your body and mind!! - you burn loads of calories and really get that heart pumping! :heart:

So, My tip of the day is to get out there in the sunshine and go play like you are a kid again!!


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