Having been a trainer for over 7 years, the techniques and experience I use are always with the personal goals of the client in mind. Whether it is for weight loss, muscle development, sports performance or for a rehabilitation purpose, the plan will be designed for you personally. Below are a the types of services available:

Personal training

This is for those looking to train with me in person. Whether this is individually or in a group format. This allows me to coach you through every rep and set whilst under my guidance, ensuring you get the most from your training and nutrition.

Online Training

This is a more cost effective way of getting personal training and can be as effective as training in person. This will be customised to your personal needs and will encompass training and nutritional aspects of a holistic plan in order to get the best results at a fraction of the price of personal training. This may suit people on a budget or those with a more varied time schedule.


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