Fat Loss Through Nutrition

Hi guys, I thought id write this post as a result of something i watched on TV the other night which just annoyed me frankly! I understand that ‘weight’ loss can be achieved through yo-yo dieting and that sometimes drastic results are achieved via commercial weight loss plans and groups, but in the end they always back fire and the clients pile weight back on, usually worse than when they started. below is some of my thoughts on this matter and why you cant beat sound nutritional guidance paired with a progressive weights program.

It is a fact that you can create fat loss through correct dietary information, the key part to this statement is that you can create FAT LOSS not WEIGHT LOSS, two distinctly different things!!

Although, I do realise that the psychology of group meetings and the pressure of having weights read out is potentially a good idea as it puts people in a position where they will try harder with sticking to a plan to save embarrassment etc. They actual nutritional guidance is rubbish. You wont learn anything about exactly why or or what you’re eating is good or bad to eat, all you will learn is how many sins or points each meal is…..useless!

I believe that a persons answer to a healthy and consistent fat loss through nutrition is much closer to home than following any points or sins and with a simple analysis and implementation, you could find yourself losing more body fat than you could imagine, and this time keeping it off!

As a personal trainer in Andover, Hampshire, I see everyday people and experience real ,life problems with diets every day, that’s why i have built a great understanding as to what works and what doesn’t and what is healthy for the body and what isnt. This is something which I have developed over time and learned through experience and teaching. If you find that you are either one of these yo-yo dieters or a person struggling with your nutrition then contact me now to see how i could help your potential for fat loss increase.

This nutritional advice paired with a program or personal training by myself is the perfect way to really achieve the results you are looking for so don’t hesitate and contact me now to see what you can achieve……

please also keep posted for a potential fat loss and slimming group with a difference……one that works for longevity and maintenance!!

Thanks for reading and see you all soon!!


Terry Anderson Personal Training, Andover, Hampshire


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