Life Begins at The End of Your Comfort Zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.....

So now that January has ended and the initial rush of a new years resolution has become a little less enthusiastic, what can you do to keep that fire alive and stay motivated in your goals going forward? - Get outside you comfort zone!

It's not always easy to stay motivated to high level all year round, but it is possible to stay motivated enough to keep the progress flowing. For me this is all about stepping outside your comfort zone. Be it in you fitness, your nutrition, work, family or social life, there is always a way to push your boundaries and level up.

What does getting out of the comfort zone mean to me?

For me personally this is all about talking in front of bigger crowds now. I have given seminars and talked to small groups in the past and have done intermittently throughout my career. 2018 is going to be different for me, because it involves getting out of my comfort zone. I want to make this a bigger part of my business as I feel I can reach and help more people that way. However that means getting out there and talking to people and in front of people. Often this is to many people at a time and giving them something that they can go away with and implement in their lives to make it better.

This takes me out of my comfort zone because although I do it, I'm still not a confident public speaker and I get super nervous before doing so. However, I also know its the only way I will learn. I also LOVE the feeling afterwards when people are thanking me and resonating with me about the talk. That feeling is exactly what keeps me motivated in doing more talks and bigger talks going forward.

And what about you?

For you, this means thinking about what goal it is you want to achieve. What might push you outside of your comfort zone? Make sure its challenging to do, but falls in that 'stress recovery zone'. This is where its not too much stress that you freak out and avoid it, but just enough to get you pumped.

The more you can do this week upon week, the more you will progress. Moreover, you'll generate your own feelings of motivation and drive to keep going.

Some examples of what you might do relating to health and fitness could be....

  • Trying a new weight in the gym that you've never tried before
  • Trying one new food each week
  • Try a new type of exercise
  • Sign up for an event to challenge you
  • Invite friends over for a healthy food evening
  • Going to the park and 'playing' like you did as a kid (check out my Go Play position this)
  • Ask someone at the gym if they'd like to meet up for a session
  • Time yourself on a cardio exercise for a certain distance and try to beat that time
  • Go to bed half an hour earlier and go head to head with the fear of missing out on your tv programmes!



Go And Play - Coach Anderson

These are all examples of getting outside of your comfort zone and taking your health and fitness to another level.

Ultimately getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is the key here. Regularly pushing yourself to do something a little bit harder, faster or more uncomfortable than before.

Perhaps that could even be getting a coach on board to help you reach a goal that you feel you might not have all the skills for just yet? If this is you then contact me for details on how I could help.


Go and try it and let me know how you feel afterwards!

Coach Anderson


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