My First Triathlon

MY FIRST TRIATHLON! On Monday I completed my first triathlon, which was a great experience. I must say that it was something I have wanted to do for a while now and have decided to do more! I came 95th...


Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder was an epic day and an epic race. having done a number of adventure races in the past year, it had a lot to compare too and live up to as being one of the world’s toughest/biggest races....


Summertime Six Pack

As part of being a personal trainer, you get from time to time the people who want the ‘quick fix’ before they go on holiday. Although this isnt the best way to achieve results in terms of looking and feeling...


Weight Loss Continues!!

Weight loss continues in the Terry Anderson Personal Training camp! Firstly a big well done to Sophie who has just lost her first stone as a client of mine and more importantly 4% body fat! although this has been done...


Importance of FAILURE and the PUMP in training

FAILURE Is The New Success!! Now i know this may seem a little confusing when you first read this statement, but FAILURE has massive importance in training. What I mean by this is that in order for muscles to grow,develop...


Fat Loss Through Nutrition

Hi guys, I thought id write this post as a result of something i watched on TV the other night which just annoyed me frankly! I understand that ‘weight’ loss can be achieved through yo-yo dieting and that sometimes drastic...


Successful Weight Loss Nutrition.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT…. As my knowledge and understanding of weight loss nutrition deepens i have become increasingly aware of a few key factors to ‘dieting’ that really clouds everyone’s reality to what they are doing when embarking on a nutrition...


1500kcal Meal plan

Hi guys! Now I often get asked a lot to write meal plans for people so they dont have to think about what they are eating and that way they will get the right calories/nutrients/minerals etc. This is fine, but...


Pancakes with greek yogurt and berries

High in protein, slow release carbohydrates and antioxidants to keep you locked up until your next meal time! Firstly make up a pancake mixture with the following: 75g plain flour 25g protein powder 300ml Milk 2 eggs This should be...



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