1500kcal Meal plan

Hi guys!

Now I often get asked a lot to write meal plans for people so they dont have to think about what they are eating and that way they will get the right calories/nutrients/minerals etc. This is fine, but I prefer not to do this, a better way is to let me analyse your diet, assess your kitchen, eating habits and potential limitations to nutritional success. This way I can provide a personalised plan that suits you and your lifestyle. You will learn more this way and develop a lifestyle change that means you’ll be more likely to stick to this type of nutrition.

However, there are places for following a meal plan and its a good way of learning portion sizes and the correct variety of foods that you should be eating throughout the day, every day. So below is an example of a 1500Kcal meal plan, perfect for anyone on a weight loss plan. It gives enough calories/nutrients to allow normal and healthy bodily functioning, but has a calorie defecit for both males and females that will allow a stable and healthy weight loss at the same time as retaining lean mass. Let me know what you think and feel free to contact me if you’re interested in improving your nutrition and taking your body to another level!!

Breakfast – 1xegg and 2x egg white scrambled eggs,1 x slice wholegrain toast (or a salad/green leaf dressing if you don’t want bread), 1 x banana

Snack – 1 x protein shake (200kcal) or handful of almonds , 1 x apple

lunch – 140g chicken/turkey breast, 1 x medium green salad, 1/3 pot cottage cheese(low fat)

snack – 1 x protein shake or a couple of tablespoons of natural low fat greek yoghurt with a teaspoon of honey

Evening: 1 x chicken/turkey breast, 4oz (113g) lentils, 4 x asparagus sprigs, 4oz (113g) broccoli

I hope this helps.

Thanks, Terry 🙂


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